Barnsley Civic

Toby Foster’s Last Laugh Comedy Club

Barnsley’s very own Toby Foster brings you a great night of laughter with Yorkshire’s longest running comedy club! We’ve been in Barnsley since 1997, when Toby bought The Courthouse and started putting shows on on a Saturday night. Since then we’ve been bringing you the best in UK and international stand up on a regular basis. Now in the prestigious surroundings of the new Civic Theatre, it’s a pleasure to join you every three months or so for a night of fun and laughter.

Barnsley Civic, Hanson St, Barnsley. S70 2HZ

Future dates –

29 April 2017

Toby Foster comperes a great night of laughter, hosting some of the best comedians from the UK and international circuit!

David Hadingham

David Hadingham has been a professional comic since May 1996. Intense and anecdotal, David keeps audiences hooked right up to the last punchline as he presents his unique and often warped view of everyday life. This gravel-voiced comic combines supremely controlled delivery with inimitable facial contortions as he cracks some of the best handmade gags in the business.

David is a highly-regarded regular on the nationwide comedy circuit.  David has a unique style; combining his psychotic tendencies with charm, naiveté and wit.

“ranting and raving comic genius” The Guardian

Rahul Kohli

Rahul Kohli describes himself – or more like brands himself – as a ‘Newcastle brown male’. With topics ranging from Geordie Shore to the use of drone attacks in the war on terror to Buddhist ideology, all intertwined with his path for enlightenment and his place in the universe, he’s a slick gag-machine, packing in gags about Brexit that almost seem nostalgic now we’re in a whole other world of racist madness. But he laughs off bigotry and uses politics as a bouncing-off point for silly gags rather than labouring any points. So the writing is breezy, tight and fun, the liveliness of his delivery is winning.

“Genuinely inventive…fresh, funny and meticulously contemporary”

Phil Nichol

Phil Nichol is a truly unique performer.  An acclaimed actor, award winning comedian, producer, presenter, writer and musician, there is no end to his talent!

Phil is an energetic and exciting performer with an unquenchable thirst to break boundaries and innovate with his work.  His skill as an improviser whether it be musical, comedy or straight is unparalleled. With a surreal edge to his mischievous rantings, Nichol always brings something new to the stage. His keen sense of fun and eye for the shocking and absurd has cemented his position as one of the best comedians on the circuit today – shown clearly by his record-setting six nominations for the Chortle Awards’ ‘Best Headliner/Club Comic’.

“There is no point in trying to describe the experience, every Nichol gig is unique of course, it has to be lived, you just have to be there, to absorb the atmosphere he creates and of course laugh until the stomach muscles ache for they surely will.” One4Review


May contain strong and explicit language

Recommended for ages 18+

Tickets: £12
Box Office 01226 327000

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